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Norwegian Yacht Voyages - STATUS - April 2018

A year and a half in the making we are now proud to show our final design for M/Y Caroline, the World's First True Hybrid Expedition Mega-Yacht.

At 187,50 (615 ft) meter long she would today be the largest mega-yacht in the world. Guest capacity of 220 in 110 Suites and Penthouses ranging from 55 sq.m (592 sq.ft) to Penthouses of 160 sq.m (1722 sq.ft) - all off course with private verandas, and some even connectable to increase space accordingly. 200 crew and staff will ensure that the demands for our ultra-luxury expedition voyages are fulfilled.

Those who have been following us in social media and news websites, have witnessed our somewhat new and untraditional approach to the market in an industry where non-disclosure-agreements almost automatically are a given.

We have changed our brand three times and we have evolved our design from something more traditional to something dramatically the world has not seen before. While we are not going to reveal everything yet, we promise to introduce news-breaking innovative solutions and amenities not seen on board any other vessels today,

Secrecy and NDAs might work for the well established players, but we strongly believe that by creating a transparent brand, and already at the earliest stages invite our future potential guests and partners to share their thoughts and comments, we are able to create a brand that will offer exactly what the market wants.

We believe corporate transparency is the way to create long-term guest loyalty and by building a strong open brand culture it can play a role in engaging and attracting clients and guests.

Everyone is thinking “green” these days and many claim to be setting new standards and becoming the ultimate benchmark for environmental sustainability.

We are convinced that our extreme focus on sustainable sea travel and our new innovative solutions will be raising the bar for new stricter regulations for sea travel, not only in environmental-sensitive areas but on all seas around the world.

While many claim to be hybrid vessels, they are mostly referring to their installed battery banks for so called “peak-shaving”. Peak-shaving is where batteries give the extra energy needed at times, rather than additional diesel generators be required to start up, hence reducing emissions. However, these “hybrid” vessel would never be able to operate without some diesel generator(s) running.

Our mega-yachts will have innovative hybrid solutions consisting of dual fuel generators that can run on both diesel and LNG, battery banks for peak-shaving, solar and wind powered hydrogen fuel cells and several other solutions creating the optimal environmental friendly vessel.

We will be able to run full ship operations on LNG for several days, dramatically minimizing our emissions and carbon footprint. While there are cruise ships today that runs purely on LNG, our extended world-wide remote sailing areas prevents us from doing the same, as access to LNG is still somewhat limited.

Norwegian Yacht Voyages would not have been able to do all this without our extraordinary group of partners, who all are contributing with their vast experience and know-how in their different areas of expertise.

We are tremendously proud of them all:

Norwegian Yacht Voyages - Worldwide Mega Yacht

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